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One of the things that a lot of us struggle with in meditation is consistency. We all know that we need to be consistent in order for something to work. It’s like going to the gym, working out or eating healthy. If you don’t do these things then you know that there will be consequences as a result.

So here are my 3 tips for keeping a consistent meditation practice:

Keep it simple and make it short if you have to

 A lot of the time we over complicate things. Meditation doesn’t always have to be 20 minutes. It can be 2 minutes before you get in the shower if you really don’t have time. Small steps every day are what make a big difference in the end. So make sure you show up even if it is for only 2-5 minutes.  Any effort that you make (no matter how small) to be in the present is not wasted.

Practice in a way that you most enjoy

 If you find yourself saying that you can’t be bothered, or don’t have time then my advice is to ask yourself, “How can I really enjoy meditation?” Maybe it might mean that instead of doing a formal seated practice that you treat yourself to a bath and put a guided meditation on during this time. Other suggestions I have are to practice outside in nature, do some yoga and then meditate, or go to a class & practice with others.

Understand the process of meditation

Meditation is both a process and a state. Through the process of meditation we release built up stress or emotions. This is why we might sometimes feel uncomfortable for no reason at all. Instead of thinking that meditation isn’t working understand that this is simply part of the process. It is getting you to where you want to be. Feeling uncomfortable in meditation is normal.

People associate meditation with feeling good, and therefore assume that if they feel bad in meditation, that this is not meditation, or meditation is not working and this is not the case at all. Meditation is a cleaning up process.

Meditation is also the process of training the mind to stay in one place (such as the breath). If this is something we have never done before we need to have patience with this process of training the mind. If you have never run before you wouldn’t run 10kms straight away. If you have never meditated before, don’t expect your mind to be able to focus solely on your breath for the entire 5 or 10 minutes. It is natural for it to wander from here to there.

Once this process of “cleaning up” is complete and the mind has become relatively still, we are then able to experience a sense of peace and calm unlike any other. The more time we spend in this space, the easier it is for us to live our lives fully in alignment with it.

Have the faith that you can experience a strong sense of peace and stillness even if you never have before. Believe that it is there even when you are not fully connected to it.

 Understanding and believing this is key to being consistent with meditation. You need to learn to value the state of meditation and then also have a genuine to desire to reach this state.

This will help you to stay motivated and consistent to practice every day!




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