We’re excited to announce that this month we’ll have Spa Chef, Samantha Gowing giving up lots of great tips about foods that are great for your skin…along with some healthful and delicious recipes. This week Sam talks about Lime….

The skin of the lime contains a powerful compound called bioflavanoids that improves the integrity of the cell membrane and facilitate the smooth passage of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other nutrients through the capillary walls. This helps to restore and repair the effects from ruptured capillaries and maybe used to strengthen weak capillaries within the skin.

Limes Citrus Aurantifolia have a cooling nature with an astringent flavour and antiseptic properties. They are particularly beneficial to counteract diets high in saturated fats and protein by encouraging the formation of bile, which is essential for the catabolic process of food breakdown.

Limes are a useful remedy in the treatment of dysentery, colds, flu and parasite infestation due to their powerful antiseptic, antimicrobial and mucus-resolving actions. They can destroy putrefactive bacteria in both the intestine and mouth. Used to purify the breath, limes also cleanse the blood, help to lower hypertension, enhance blood circulation and strengthen the blood vessels – essential for smooth skin and a clear complexion.

Samantha Gowing, Spa Chef, Nutritionist, Mentor

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