I believe health and wellness is an ongoing personal journey. A lifetime of learning, changing habits, exploring what feels good and what doesn’t. We are all different and what may suit one person may not suit another and that’s why when you are on this path of self discovery, it’s important to listen to you!

With the ever growing array of diets, products, cures and quick fixes out there, I’ve learned to keep it simple, light-hearted and to always check in with how I am feeling. Sometimes this is easier said than done, however, this morning I feel rejuvenated, calm and clear. I have just come out of a Kitya Karnu Bliss treatment at Aurora Spa and it is definitely called a bliss treatment for a reason. I’m in heaven! As I sip my calming tea and reflect on this wonderful experience I think to myself “I need to do this more often”. I am relaxed, yet energised and my skin… well, it’s glowing!

We all want to look and feel our best and our skin reflects our health. There are so many factors that affect the appearance of our skin such as diet, pollution, toxins, medications, sleep quality and stress. When there are so many areas of our life that can negatively affect our skin, there is no doubt that to achieve the skin glow we all desire, it has to come from a holistic approach. There is no one solution for all and no quick fix. It’s all about balance and finding what works for you.

As a nutritionist with a passion for skin health there are some areas that I always focus on to achieve that gorgeous skin glow.


Beauty starts from the inside and what you put in your body plays a major role in how you look and feel. I am always amazed to learn about how the body works and how resilient we are. However, in our daily lives we are constantly exposed to so many toxins that they can build up in our body and begin to affect our health and wellbeing in so many ways.

Eating a fresh, whole food diet with an abundance of leafy greens is essential to reduce this load, as is limiting processed foods, added sugars, caffeine and alcohol. However, I love food and would never want to take the joy out of it by always restricting or completely cutting food groups. So I listen to my body and enjoy most foods in moderation.

I am currently doing my pre-holiday Pressed Juices Skin Cleanse which is such a great way to flood the body full of nutrients to assist the natural detoxification pathways. Juicing is a great way to give the digestive system a break while nourishing and hydrating the body and ultimately achieving healthier skin.

Gut health

We hear a lot about gut health and it’s for good reason. Research is showing that when there is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the gut it can lead to different health problems including skin issues. There are many different foods to eat that will help to heal the gut and balance good bacteria. For example, bone broth contains collagen that can help to restore integrity to mucosal wall of the gut and fermented foods such as kefir and sauerkraut will help to balance your gut with good bacteria.

At Pressed Juices we have a Probiotic Gut Elixir made with coconut water kefir and blue spirulina. It is a source of live enzymes, probiotics, prebiotic and antioxidants, which is a great daily option to help improve overall gut health.

Quality of skincare products

It is not only what we eat that affects the appearance of our skin but also what we put on our skin. There are many harmful chemicals in some skin products so it is important to investigate ingredients and use brands that you trust. I am loving the ASPAR Ultra Rich Body Cream this winter. I struggle with dry skin in the colder months and I find this so nourishing and hydrating. For my face, the Rose Hydrating Facial Hydrosol has been amazing. It is so calming and makes my skin so supple, which is exactly what I’ll need for those long flights!


We all lead busy lives and sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down and take a breath. To be present and to not constantly think of yesterday or tomorrow can be really challenging. There are however ways that help us to focus inwards, you just need to find your thing! Today has been a huge reminder for me on how important it is to pamper myself and take the time for a treatment. It’s not only a great way to see instant results for your skin, but the long-term effects of reducing stress in life and taking time for yourself really becomes evident on your skin. There are so many other things that can take our minds off the stresses of day to day life, for example, exercise. It could be yoga, walking, running or team sports. Find what makes you feel good. And if you only have 10 minutes to spare in your day, use it. Meditate! Again, find what works for you. You can focus on breath, sounds, vibration or your own personal mantra.


We all know that a good sleep is key to a healthy body – it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing! Sleep is the time the body repairs and regenerates, with blood flow to the skin increased along with the production of collagen. Again, I am always fascinated by how our bodies work wonders on their own. However, if you struggle with sleeping like a lot of us do, some of the things I have mentioned above can help. Working on a cleaner diet and reducing stress can be a great start. Sleep is so important for general health and wellbeing that this is one of my main focuses.

So when it comes to your personal health journey, know that we are constantly learning and figuring out what works best for us.

There is no one quick fix, no one cream or one food.  It’s about a balanced lifestyle and having fun with a range of food, good quality ingredients and as minimal stress as you can afford.


Author: Danae Manolas. Nutritionist, Pressed Juices

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