Have you met Rosemary?

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“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember!”



 Rosmarinus Officinalis, predominately known as Rosemary, is one of the world’s most popular and common herbs that is grown in suburban gardens and is used in many kitchens. Rosemary is best known for adding immense fragrance and flavour to dishes such as, roasted potatoes and slow cooked lamb. What many people are unaware of is the benefits that these delicious twigs provide to our entire body. Rosemary for many centuries has been used to relieve headaches and to ease muscular pain and tension.

ASPAR products contain rosemary extract as a key active ingredient due to its potency and effectiveness. The essential oil from the rosemary is extracted and formulated into an oil blend that is used in the Rosemary & Clove Thermal Balm and in the Olive Leaf Replenishing Hair Masque.  The Rosemary & Clove Thermal Balm is ideal to apply to affected tight, stressed muscles to help relieve tension and discomfort. This product is designed to ease and sooth the tight areas whilst clearing the mind. The Olive Leaf Replenishing Hair Masque also contains Rosemary extract. This powerful extract has the ability to strengthen the hair and nourish the scalp. 

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