I chose to do the juicing cleanse when I didn’t have any travel on as I was advised it’s best done that way and in retrospect that was great advice as it is a time of conservation so energy levels can be a bit lower.

Day 1 was by far the hardest day for me and I found myself doubting if I would be able to complete the 5 days. It was a fascinating process challenging my thoughts and challenging old beliefs. I relied on my strength of perseverance (my number one strength – from VIA strengths test) to get me through. Once I was over the first day I felt incredibly proud of myself for getting through and resetting my mindset to the “I can do this” rather than the defeated “I can’t do this”.

Day 2 I had a massive presentation to give and I thought I wouldn’t remember what I was saying or I would lose my train of thought as I had the belief that I need food for clarity of thought on stage, but that certainly wasn’t the case! I had my juice just before I presented and it was a breeze! Another old belief for the rubbish bin.

Day 3, 4 & 5 were all smooth and much to my delight, relatively easy. By day 5 I didn’t give food much thought and felt like I could have easily kept going.

In my body I felt light in a way that truly felt like my digestive system had had an enormous rest. I had reset my appetite to be what my body actually needs, not what I automatically do – which is eat. My body doesn’t need the volume of food I have been eating and I can see how eating becomes an automatic habit whether I am hungry or not.

I have enjoyed getting back into food however my approach has been a much more mindful experience and this full body reset has allowed me to take new insights, habits and behaviors forward that really support my digestive system, my energy and my cellular health.

So many people have asked me “how did you do it?” “Weren’t you hungry?”. Some people have said “I could never do that”. If you have a twinkle of wonder in your eye, or a moment of curiosity I encourage you to back yourself and set up a 3 or 5 day time frame where you can create the space to experience this detox process. Only we know if our bodies and minds can benefit from this. I don’t think there is anyone that wouldn’t benefit from giving our digestive system a rest.

We are in an era where 1 in 5 Australians have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Our guts are inflamed and no amount of stomach crunches, fitness or meal size reduction is really going to help. The juice cleanse gives our tummies time to rest and repair. It really is like a major spring clean, one that I will do annually.

The team at Pressed Juices made the entire experience so effortless. I loved the way the juices were numbered so I would collect the juices from my local store every morning, tweak anything that needed tweaking in my juice selection and then had the day to get through my 8 juices & smoothies. I drank a bottle of water in between every juice to maximise the detox.

I look forward to my 2018 spring juicing cleanse. It is already in my calendar!

Love Lyndall x

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