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MEDITATION… Which style is for you?

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Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds.

The harvest will bring either flowers or weeds.

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There is an abundance of meditation awareness in today’s society. Many of us do it regularly, some occasionally, and some feel overwhelmed by the prospect and think ‘I just can’t do it’!

Some of the earliest written records of meditation come from the traditions of  Hindu Vedantism, Taoist China and Buddhist India around 1500 BC. It is an ancient form of attaining relaxation and bliss and now we have styles to make it even easier to implement into your busy lifestyle.

The beautiful truth is that there are multiple ways in which you can enter a state of meditation and contemplation, a deeply relaxed state of body and mind, and achieve a state of happiness, calmness and deep inner connection.

Try one or all of these styles and enjoy the long lasting benefits meditation will bring to your state of mind and wellbeing:

  1. Smiling Meditation  

A simple, effective and perfect way to begin your meditation journey.

Use this technique to begin your day or numerous times throughout the day to boost your energy, happiness and sense of calm.

Sit or stand comfortably, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, breathing out long slow breaths. SMILE with your whole face and eyes. Smiling triggers endorphin’s and serotonin, which are natural painkillers and antidepressants.

Continue focusing on your slow breathing and gently smiling.

Notice the subtle or strong sensations that smiling shifts within you.

Approach this meditation joyfully 🙂

Duration 1 to 5 minutes.

  1. Nature contemplation / Nature silence walk  

Meditation doesn’t always have to be in a sitting position, humming a mantra.

In fact walking in silence, and appreciating nature is a powerful way to meditate and raise your sensory awareness.

Go for a walk ideally in nature and quiet – engage all your senses – breathe deeply to centre your energy, see all the different colours, patterns, textures of nature, smell the fragrances, hear the sounds of birds chirping, water streaming, feel the wind blowing on your skin, feel the peacefulness, feel your body stretching and strengthening.  Observe your thoughts as they flow and you continue to walk in silent meditation.

Stop at a place of beauty, find a point of focus and feel your energy expand towards it. Expand in appreciation, in gratitude. Expand and feel your connection to all nature and life around you.

This meditation style will invigorate your senses, renew your energy levels and deepen your awareness of the inter-connectedness of everything in life.


  • Body zoning meditation  


Body zoning is a meditation style to give your mind something to focus on and to involve your body directly for healing.

Sit comfortably, take 8 deep relaxing breaths, move your full awareness to focus on your hands, imagine breathing into your hands, you will begin to feel a tingling, warm sensation as you concentrate on your hands. Continue breathing and gently focusing your mind on your hands for 1-2 minutes.

Move your hands into a prayer position over your heart. Feel the energy passing between your hands where they touch. Feel the warmth spreading into your heart. Breathe deeply into your heart, feel your heart expanding and the warmth/tingling increasing.

Enjoy this soothing beautiful space of love.

Now send this healing, warm energy to a part of your body that feels tired, sore, or ill, by either placing your hands there or your mind awareness on this part of your body and continue breathing.

This meditation deepens your connection with your body so you are in-tune with where it needs healing and opens your heart to receive and give love.

Duration 5-20 minutes.


  • Shower meditation


Next time you come home completely exhausted and drained from your day, try this cleansing shower meditation. Stepping under the shower stream, take a few relaxing breaths, slowly move your head under the water jets from left to right a few times to stimulate your nervous system and nerve endings. Then stand directly under the water flow and close your eyes while you imagine the water not only cleansing down along your physical body, but also imagine the water is flowing inside through your crown chakra on top of your head and flowing down inside through your energy centre’s, cleansing and washing away any energies you have absorbed throughout the day, allowing them to wash down the drain, leaving your energy, mind and body cleansed and refreshed.

Chakra’s are energy centre’s aligned down the spine which correlate to different organs and body functions.


  • Creative doodling / colouring  


Doodling is a creative form of meditating. This is particularly useful for people who are analytical, mathematical, highly stressed and can provide them with a different type of expression and whole mindfulness. By completely immersing yourself into creative doodling – whether that be colouring, drawing, painting, sculpting- you are engaging the creative part of your brain.
Do it purely for joy and mindless relaxation. It will balance out your brain activity, decrease stress and actually make you much more efficient with your problem solving.

Written by Joanna Atanasow

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