Relax Bath Soak & Body Scrub


150g.  Bath salts infused with a relaxing spa blend of essential oils to soothe both body & mind. Add to your bath to relieve tired muscles or mix with body oil to use as an exfoliating salt scrub.


Bath Soak: Soaking in a salt bath helps to soothe tired muscles, hydrate the skin and relieve insomnia while the essential oils helps to calm your senses.

Body Scrub: Use as a natural body scrub to polish away the outer layer of dry, dull dead skin cells to reveal soft, smooth & visibly brighter skin.



Botanically Active Ingredients

ASPAR combines age old botanical wisdom with modern day science to bring you a natural collection of spa products formulated for the benefit of your body & mind.


Lavender oil has calming, soothing properties. Perfect for aiding relaxation​ during your soak.


Sweet orange oil contains naturally occurring antioxidants that nourish and calm the skin.

Complete your spa ritual

Complement our Relax Bath Soak with relaxing, rejuvenating botanical spa products that transport you to a place of calm and bliss.

ASPAR products were created for use at the award-winning AURORA Spain Melbourne.