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 I know a lot of people struggle to find their career path, how did you find yours?

When I left school I went straight into midnight to dawn shifts at Sea FM on the Gold Coast.  I discovered it was not the pathway for me for the long term, how could I get up and run at 6am if I was just getting home from my radio shift!  Also, the party life that went with radio back then was done and dusted for me, I was passionate about my health (don’t get me wrong – I had some partying/night clubbing/ drinking years). I was health conscious from such an early age and I think growing up on a farm instils this healthy love of nature, and because ours was a fruit farm (bananas, avocados, custard apples, oranges, lemons, tamarillos) I had only every experienced produce direct from the farm.  We also had a community of locals that traded fruit and vegetables so I was surrounded by whole-foods and passionate lovers of nature and health.  The passion in taking this into a career was ignited when I could see it all come to life in front of me at Eden Health Retreat (work experience at the age of 14).  All the pieces of the puzzle came together and I could see how health and wellness could benefit so many other people.   Once I got my foot in the door at Eden I worked really hard from the ages of 18-23… whilst my friends were out partying.

What inspires/ motivates you to get out of bed in the mornings?

So much!  I have an incredibly blessed life.  I love my health, my family, my friends and I am able to do something to help make a difference to people’s lives that I am passionate about…that’s motivating.

 What is your mantra that you live by and that motivates you?

I don’t have one specific mantra; I like to be continually inspired by what my body needs and what other inspiration I have in my life.  I create an intention every day for myself; today it is “calm confidence”.  For me my words, actions and behaviours are consciously in alignment with this for a great day ahead.

 How do you switch off after a long day?

We have just put in a pool and spa, so recently we have been having a family spa every evening and it is so divine to be under the stars in a warm spa engaging in conversation with your family and being completely present with no other distractions.  Before I go to sleep I will do my gratitude practice, by writing down the one thing I am grateful for every day, putting on my ASPAR Lip Balm (for an overnight hydrating lip treatment), and applying some Rosemary and Clove Thermal Balm to my chest to clear my thoughts and prepare me for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Owning a successful business can take its toll, how do you maintain a work and family life balance?

I think this is an ever evolving part of life, as our girls (8yrs and 11 yrs) get older their needs change and the balance needs to shift.  My take on it, is it doesn’t come down to luck.  It is taking control of your week in advance and scheduling what is realistic for the week ahead not what you would love to get done if you had 3 weeks (that may be completely unrealistic and put high expectations on yourself).

What is your favourite ASPAR product and why?

It changes with the seasons and my skin.  Right now the Wattleseed & Walnut Resurfacing Skin Body Scrub is my weekly post summer body exfoliation treatment, as I tend to get really dry skin.  This exfoliator is textually and aromatically amazing and is so luscious that I find it an easy ritual to keep up when my skin really needs it.

What is your favourite treatment at Aurora Spa?

When we purpose built Aurora, I was very clear that I wanted to have treatment steam rooms, as these treatments are my all-time favourite.  Our Kitya Karnu Steam Treatment is a complete top to toe experience and I always walk out of that treatment having being transported to a place of bliss.  I love the steam enveloping you in the warmth and how my skin feels afterwards, not to mention how completely relaxing it is.

Have you ever experienced an F moment and what was it? (Failing)

Heaps!  I guess I like to look at them as learnings, as I think we are all hard enough on ourselves.  An F moment I experienced not that long ago was that I forgot to get my daughter to school at a certain time for an excursion.  I then found myself needing my husband to stop work and help as he then had to try and catch the bus, as I was about to do an interview with The Age on time management!  That was a hilarious moment looking back, and yes I did tell the journalist that I don’t always get it right (hence that mornings example)!  I think being able to learn from these experiences and move forward without replaying guilt and that inner harsh critic is what I aim for.  Everyone can be a critic but how often do you give yourself a pat on the back for something awesome that you did.  Another example is that whenever I over-schedule myself I tend to become a cranky mum, draining wife and not the role model or person that I want to be.  When I hit that point it is time to reassess what my diary looks like as I am only as busy as what I have said yes to.

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