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Your S K I N is the largest living organ in your body. It is a living, breathing membrane and a direct reflection of your internal health.

The skin can tell us so much about us; our hydration levels, blood nutrients, hormone health and digestive function.

Here are our S E C R E T S to beautiful glowing skin:

Good ingredients

What you feed your body; feeds your skin.

That which you put into your body becomes a reflection seen on the outside – seen in your skin health, your energy levels and overall health and vitality.

Whilst genes definitely play a role in the quality of your skin, what you feed your body is significant too.

Look at your body being like a vehicle, how well you service it and the quality of ‘fuel’ you put into it, has a direct reflection of how well your body vehicle runs and looks.

Good ingredients means eating the rainbow (and No this does not mean colourful candy)

Think  f r e s h  veggies, fruit, grains, legumes, nuts and essential fatty acids; so you get the whole alphabet of nutrients required for amazing healthy and vibrant skin.

Good blood flow

Good blood flow is integral with a healthy vascular system and vibrant skin. It depends on how well you stimulate it to work most efficiently for a beautiful complexion.

To stimulate good blood flow, try the following:

Daily facial massage – take an extra minute when cleansing your skin to massage your face with circular and outward sweeping strokes.

This will plump up your skin and help relax facial muscles therefore relax wrinkles and frown lines.

Make a weekly Ritual to exfoliate your body using a natural fibre Body Mitt in circular motions before or during soaking in the bath or showering. This buffs away dry, dull skin and encourages regular cell rejuvenation leaving skin soft, smooth and radiant.


Get moving with cardiovascular activities; dance, skip, enjoy brisk walks incorporating deep breaths andoxygen therapy with fresh air to get your blood pumping and keep your vascular system and skin vibrantly healthy and oxygenated.

Good digestion

The skin is directly connected to our digestive health. When we eat, our bodies are so clever that they are able to separate what we need from what we don’t need. Things that we don’t need are considered toxins, with a good digestive system toxins are flushed out.

However, when your digestive system is not functioning properly, toxins build up in the body and can cause complications with your skin.  Some skin problems such as dryness, oiliness, blemishes and dullness. Acne, eczema and dermatitis can occur too.


Include plenty of alkalising foods in your diet, such as apple cider vinegar (which makes a great salad dressing), green leafy vegetables and non-animal protein sources. Remember to chew your food well as this helps to alkalise it further before you ingest it.

You can also consider taking probiotics, which can help balance the environment in your gut and improve digestion.

Water – key to life   

Drink a lot of water – eight glasses (or more!) each day.  Water hydrates and plumps up your skin cells and constantly flushes out toxins.
Squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water for added hydration and electrolyte boost of calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Eat foods that have high water content (fruit and veggies like apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets and celery are 80- 90% water).


For a quick hydration fix, use a serum that contains hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that naturally occurs in your body and holds


A thousand times its weight in water.  It even pulls moisture from the air into the skin, instantly hydrating it and leaving you with a gorgeous glow.

Kerstin Florian – Correcting range Hyaluronic serum

Good thoughts

Our thoughts and level of stress have a massive influence on how radiantly your skin glows.

If your mind and body is riddled with negativity and draining stress, this creates an actual chemical reaction in your body; releasing stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline which makes your body more acidic and cause skin to flare up and break out in rashes, acne, eczema or psoriasis.

Good thoughts and reducing stress come from mindfulness and meditation practises.  Refer to articlehttps://auroraspa.com.au/meditation-which-style-is-for-you/ for a variety of simple effective techniques.

Pick a meditation style and experiment for one week and focus your mind on positive aspect of your skin health.

Imagine and repeat multiple times per day – ‘My skin is vibrant and glowing with health.’ You will find the power of your mind and intent can do remarkable things to vibrating your energy to a higher frequency and actually improving the quality of your skin.

Good Sleep

Good quality and the amount of sleep (8 hours+) are essential to beautiful refreshed skin.

When we sleep the body has a chance to regenerate and it is because of good quality sleep that enables the body to reverse everyday free radical damage through cellular renewal. 

Dehydrated skin, puffy eyes, dark circles and ashy complexions are characteristics of a poor night’s rest.

Supplement with natural Melatonin the sleep hormone which acts like an antioxidant against fine lines and age spots and can help you get better quality sleep.

Remember and practise these S E C R E T S & you too will enjoy healthy glowing skin.

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