Fun ideas to make someone smile

Running a spa, we get to see the transformative power of serenity. Our clients may arrive feeling tired, overwhelmed, and worn out from the everyday hustle and bustle. Modern life is busy and for many, coming in for a spa treatment may be one of the only times that they really get to relax. You can’t imagine the sighs we get when they check in, knowing they can finally unwind and let go.

Then, an hour or so receiving a soothing treatment, and they walk out with that wonderful glow of contentment. Yep, that’s what we do. We recommend our signature Kitya Karnu steam treatment – we’ve seen guests come out not knowing what time or day it is they are so relaxed! We are in the business of looking after people’s well-being.

Our signature Kitya Karnu steam treatment is one of the most popular mind-body relaxing spa treatments that we offer. Kitya Karnu means Salty Stone. People come out of the experience without a care in the world. After the full-body exfoliation, massage, and hydrating masques in your own private steam room, finished with a reviving cool river stone ritual, there is only room for one thing in your life – a sense of pure bliss!

What makes us grin? – When Bupa Dental Insurance contacted us to be a part of their article on ‘Fun Ideas to Make Someone Smile’, we didn’t have to think too hard. We love making our guests feel so relaxed and at ease that they can’t help but smile. Happiness is, after all, catching.

We’d have to say at Aurora Spa the biggest compliment we can get during the treatment is when a client falls asleep (and yes sometimes they do snore!) – all in the name of relaxation.

We love your feedback! It’s nice knowing we are sending people back out into the world feeling amazing. We even had a new client recently send us a letter saying that his time at Aurora Spa was one of the best experiences of his life! He wrote saying that from the moment he arrived to when he left, he felt like a king. His wife had sent him in for a treatment. We guided him through his first spa experience and introduced him to the absolutely wonderful world of relaxation.

It is an honour to be such a positive part of people’s lives. Peace, serenity, and smiles. That’s what we are all about, so check out what Bupa Dental Insurance had to say about us in a recent post about great ideas for making people smile.

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