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The heritage of massages

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photo credit: Blue Orchid Massage Blog

photo credit: Blue Orchid Massage Blog


The earliest written records of massage therapy were discovered in Egypt and China. Tomb paintings in Egypt depict individuals being kneaded by others.

In today’s society, massage is a popular and valued form of relaxation and healing. There are many forms of massage styles and techniques, each specific for particular benefits.

Massage helps to relieve stress, pain and some injuries. Furthermore, there are many more interesting reasons to get a massage… the body talks and the therapists hands listen.


Touch therapy

Wellbeing for every – body

The importance of touch is significantly important from the day we are born. As infants we rely on touch for comfort and connection. It is a necessity for survival, just like nourishment and shelter.

Massage is the best form of touch therapy because your whole body receives nurturing and therapeutic touch. Touch therapy revives your energy levels and softens any barriers of connectivity to yourself and others.

Touch therapy can go further than your physical body and can touch your heart and sooth your emotions.


Stress buster

Stress is the biggest zapper of our vital energy and healthy life force.

Massage is a brilliant and very effective method of removing stress from your muscles, nervous system, organs and mind. Particularly effective if done regularly. Recommended to have a massage every 2-4 weeks.


Giving yourself love and care

Looking after yourself by regularly taking time to enjoy a pampering and therapeutic massage is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Why? Because looking after yourself means you are valuing your body, your mind and your health. This way you ensure you have energy to give back to your loved ones and you teach them the value of looking after oneself.


Body cleanser

Massage cleanses the lymphatic system which is the waste drainage system underneath your skin. The gentler massage strokes move this lymph fluid and helps with fluid retention, swelling, blocked lymph ducts and detoxification.

Altered state of Being

A truly connected massage can help to peel back trauma and alter your state of being.

This happens because the mind and body relax and let go to such a degree that muscle and cellular memory are released.

Past trauma can be gently and gradually brought out of the body, bringing about a major energy shift, release emotions and make you feel light + happy.


Body movement

Massage improves body flexibility, posture and a range of movements because the affected muscles and tendons are relaxed from tension, stretched and regain circulation.

You’ll be bending and swinging in yoga like they’ve never seen! 😆


Pressure points

There are a variety of healing pressure points found on the entire body and face. When applied correctly they can stimulate organ healing, pain relief, energy and release endorphin (happy) hormones.


Meridian Acupressure points access the body’s energy layers to allow health and well-being to flow. Acupressure can treat digestive disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches and anxiety.


Trigger point therapy – found in the belly muscle or attachment point of muscle to tendon to bone. By holding a trigger point, the tension and pain is released from that muscle. Effectively treats muscle pain, headaches, improves range of movement.


Reflexology –  in this system, the practitioner applies pressure to specific points or reflex zones on the feet and hands. In-turn, the recipient experiences beneficial effects on the areas of the body that connect to those zones.

To experience the most out of your massage, it is important you find a therapist that understands your individual concerns, with whom you have a connection and truly benefit and enjoy their style of massage technique.

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Enjoy! ♡

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