It’s been a lovely few weeks at Aurora, reading the beautiful messages of love and gratitude from our Mother’s Day competition entries. We have to say, it was a very tough decision choosing three winners!

Below are a few of competition entries that we loved.

Happy Mother’s Day to our beautiful Mum’s!

Our favourite entries:

Mum is the best vegemite & cheese sandwich maker- prep to year 12 & still going! I aspire to make them like Mum one day!

 She manages to just make everything ok with only a facial expression, something I aspire to do for my beautiful daughter.

 Mum brightens my day by reminding me that in life, although we love the sun shining, you sometimes also need rain to see the Rainbow.

 She brightens my day because she radiates positive energy, even during the challenging times. She always showers me with love and support.

 Because she loves me for who I am and through her I am inspired to be a better daughter and mother. She also puts a smile on my face when I need it the most.

 By telling me all these reality TV tidbits! She’s really obsessed and she thinks everyone is as invested as her.

 Nanna to 9, Mum of 4,

Loves to play,

gets down on the floor!

We all love her sense of fun,

Best Nanna, lovely Mum

 She makes me smile, a special, honest and warm person and when I with her it feels like a sunny day, she enriches my soul.

 Simply, she is always there, comfort, shelter, a shoulder to lean on, a smile and cuddle to lift my spirits.

 It’s the way my boys light up whenever mum walks through our door – it brightens my day every time! Love for me, and my children.

 She always has a ready smile and hug no matter how she is feeling, always positive!

 By simply being in my life, she brightens it, every moment of every day. There is no specific. It’s unconditional love.

 (From my 6 y/o). Mummy brightens my day by cuddling me & kissing me all day.



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