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Wellness Retreat - Mornington Peninsula

A Complete Wellness Reboot 

Situated on the breathtaking Mornington Peninsula, AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE is a landmark new wellness retreat. Aurora is the perfect choice for deep rejuvenation and an array of treatments to help you rest, relax and unwind.

Our stunning contemporary space, thermal bathhouse and range of therapeutic spa and wellness experiences are inspired by the coastal nature of our Mornington Peninsula home. If you’re searching for a natural and powerful way to rejuvenate your mind and body and improve your wellbeing, then make your booking with Aurora today.

Exceptional Spa Treatments and Immersive Wellness Experiences

Our one-of-a-kind wellbeing retreat is situated in one of the most striking locations in Australia. We take full advantage of this stunning environment, including guided ocean walks and qi gong on the beach in our wellness retreats and bringing elements of nature’s raw beauty into our contemporary design.

Drawing influence from these wild ocean surroundings, our bathhouse rituals – which are built around the proven health benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy – incorporate mineral-rich sea salts with apothecary herbs, salt pools and a halotherapy salt therapy room.

Cold water immersion and hot-cold contrast therapy both offer an array of evidence-based benefits, activating the body’s natural healing abilities to produce transformative results. These curative water therapies have been shown to improve circulation, reduce pain and swelling, increase energy and alertness, reduce inflammation and even assist weight loss.

Our team excels in combining modern treatment approaches with proven traditional practices, making Aurora the perfect location to receive the care you need.

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Wellness Treatments on the Mornington Peninsula

For holistic care in a stunning environment, there’s no better destination than AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE. Our wellness retreat is designed to deliver transformative results – down to the cellular level.

With a range of evidence-based remedies and therapies, Aurora delivers unique wellness treatment experiences for restorative and high-impact outcomes.

Discover the benefits of healing salt water and hot and cold contrast therapies. Our treatments align with nature – delivering all of the revitalising effects of this unique region.

Our goal is to nourish the mind, body and soul with results-focussed wellness treatments inspired by the stunning natural experiences of the Peninsula.

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All-inclusive Wellness Retreats on the Mornington Peninsula

For a complete mind and body reset, you can chose one of multi-day retreat packages that are inclusive of 5-star accommodation, wholesome meals, spa and wellness treatments, wellness workshops and guided activities like yoga, meditation, qi gong and beach walks. 

We also have private wellness retreats, where we can tailor a unique program according to your goals. Perhaps you’re looking for a meditation retreat on the Mornington Peninsula, or maybe you want to focus on cleansing with a detox retreat or looking for a way to kickstart a new wellness routine. No matter your goals, we can create a program to help you.

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Stunning Location & Contemporary Design

Day-to-day life can take its toll on the mind and body. It’s never been more important to make time for self-care and  intention setting.

Aurora will transport you from everyday life. Take a trip and experience the ocean air, crashing waves, and spirit of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula – all within our invigorating and immersive wellness retreat.

Our spa takes inspiration from the fresh air and scenic dunes that the region is famous for – translated into stunning contemporary design. Our spas are luxurious and refined spaces,  perfectly balancing intimacy and elegance.

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Plan an Unforgettable Couples Retreat

ASPAR delivers unique Aura Spa experiences to enjoy at our wellness retreat on the Mornington Peninsula – or from the comfort of your own home.

From revitalising body cleansers to botanical handwashes, these spa favourites offer the perfect way to relax and revitalise at home.

These botanically active skincare products are synonymous with deep cleansing and beautiful fresh skin. They embody the very best of Aurora – drawing inspiration from the regenerative spa treatments used by our professionals.

Give the Gift of Wellbeing

Make a booking at AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE – the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.

We welcome you to contact our wellness team online or by phone. Learn more about our treatments and make your booking today.

Alternatively, we offer gift cards that grant the recipient unique access to the premier wellbeing and health retreat on the Mornington Peninsula.

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