Wellness Workshops

Wellness Workshops

Lyndall Mitchell, Founder, Life Coach and Author.

Here at Aurora we are passionate about your wellness and love to offer you the resources to support your optimum health and wellbeing. Your wellness recipe is unique to you and that is why we have a range of wellness options available. We have our Restorative Wellness Retreats, Transformational Life Enhancement Sessions and Inspiring Wellness Workshops for you to find the right mix for your life.

We welcome you to join us for our inspirational monthly wellness workshops to help keep you motivated on your wellness journey. We have sourced industry experts and wellness pioneers to share tips, tools and strategies that will help you to grow, learn and evolve.
We are your wellness retreat your urban sanctuary where you can go to feel more refreshed and inspired to live a healthier life with more energy and vitality.
“In a world where life is getting faster and we are getting more tired and wired, Aurora is your urban sanctuary. Your retreat from the world so you can relax, unwind and have time to refuel.” Lyndall

For any information on our Wellness Workshops, past or upcoming, please email princegm@auroraspa.com.au

Upcoming Wellness Workshops


Mindfulness with Masha , Wellness Director

Tuesday 18th Feb 2020, 7 pm to 8.30 pm

Masha says, you can’t see people’s thoughts or breath, but you can see the impact they both have on the lives of those around them. In making mindfulness a focus, Masha hopes to enable others to live their normal life, but in a way where they are present in each moment, in each thing they are doing: in driving their car, talking with their kids, drinking their wine or walking down the street.To reserve your spot please contact the spa on 03 9536 1130 or princegm@auroraspa.com.au Ticket prices are $49.00 each. Refreshments are available.




A Welcoming Retreat with Sharon Kolkka, Wellness Director

Wednesday 4th March 2020, 7 pm to 8.30 pm

Sharon Kolkka has become one of Australia’s leading voices in the field of wellness. Her experience in wellness retreats encompasses over 20 years and during this time she has seen many changes in this field. Sharon will challenge you to shift your paradigm to help you respond rather than react. Her colour-coded approach will assist you to understand how to find ‘flow’: the state in our brain that improves cognitive function, focus and attention. Being in ‘flow’ is when you are at your best self for your life, your business and your family.To reserve your spot please contact the spa on 03 9536 1130 or princegm@auroraspa.com.au Ticket prices are $49.00 each. Refreshments are available.





Waking Up to Wellness with Professor Marc Cohen.

November 2019

Aurora Spa hosted Professor Marc Cohen in November to talk about the eliminating toxins naturally in the body. Professor Marc spoke about the importance of the Five B’s,

Bladder – Hydration, the benefits of Tulsi Tea

Bowel – Fasting and Listening to your Hunger

Breath – Breathing Techniques

Body- The benefit of hot and cold techniques

Brain- Your mind set, your power

We will be welcoming Professor Marc Cohen back in 2020! Watch this space!