Winter gives us the perfect opportunity to enrich the soul with meditation as we look for quiet and retreat indoors.

Meditation has been used for centuries as a cleansing ritual for the mind.  It provides us with an opportunity to find a quiet space where time stands still.   This time out to stand still often releases thoughts that are limiting our potential.  It has the ability to deliver up those dreams that we’ve been looking for.  Whatever the reason for meditation, we know it’s a powerful process that helps improve our general health and life balance.

Cleansing our minds, like cleaning our house needs to be done regularly. Meditation is the housework for your mind and the detox for your brain.

For those just starting out with meditation, an ideal way to begin is with a guided meditation CD that will lead you with a guided narration on what to do.

Meditation does not take too long to master, and once you have the discipline to start on your own meditation sessions, you can meditate wherever and whenever you like.  Some people find it the perfect way to start the day to help create clarity and focus, whilst others prefer to meditate at night to help relaxation and induce a healthy sleep.

In order to determine what’s right for you we suggest meditating for one week in the mornings then switching to nights the following week.  Your body will be likely to respond differently to the different times you try, and depending on the outcome, your body will most likely have a preference for one of the times you have tested.   The best meditation is the one that suits you as it’s not the time that matters but the regularity.  By meditating regularly you can increase blood flow, reduce high blood pressure, slow your heart rate (this is a good thing!), induce deep relaxation, reduce anxiety, decrease muscle tension and headaches (any pain due to tension), build self confidence, enhance the immune system and reduce the activity of viruses and emotional distress.

Today, many people – from yoga swamis to glamorous film stars and fashion models – practice the ancient art of meditation. Meditation is for everybody as there are no limits or boundaries.  All you need is a keen desire to participate.

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