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Mornington Peninsula Bath house

Enhance your wellbeing with all-weather year-round bathing at AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE

Our subterranean bathhouse in Sorrento is a refined retreat, bringing you an array of curative water therapies and immersive contrast therapy – all in stunning contemporary comfort.

Enjoy a languid dip in our sky-lit daydream pool. Turn up the heat in our timber-lined Nordic sauna, halotherapy room and aroma steam or simply recline on one of the centella thermal lounges. Cool down

in the glacial mist chamber, the invigorating cold plunge pool or step under one of the sensory showers. Rest and recover in the interconnecting vitality pool or the magnesium mineral pool.

Explore at your leisure or follow our bathing ritual pathway, designed to deliver specific therapeutic outcomes and optimise the well-being impact of your bathhouse time.

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Holistic Bathhouse Bathing

Our bath house on the Mornington Peninsula delivers a refined all-weather bathing experience to restore body and mind.

Dive into our luxe subterranean bathhouse to bathe, sweat, chill, relax and socialise. Aurora Bathhouse presents a new level of luxury and calm sophistication for year-round bathing in comfort and serenity.

Discover ten different bathing experiences, state-of-the-art equipment, and creative contemporary design. For an immensely enjoyable way to elevate your wellbeing, visit Aurora Spa & Bathhouse in Sorrento.

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Pause, Reset & Replenish

Experience the amazing health benefits and restorative pleasure of all-weather bathing in our subterranean bathhouse on the Mornington Peninsula

Hydrothermal bathing has been around for centuries, used in cultures around the world as a natural medicine and preventative therapy. Now, you can enhance your wellbeing with our array of curative water therapies and hot-cold contrast therapy in the contemporary comfort of our refined Mornington Peninsula retreat. 

Experience the essence of wellbeing with time to pause, reset and replenish. Inspired by global bathing traditions, Aurora Bathhouse elevates the bathing experience with creative and stunning design, state-of-the-art equipment and evidence-based water therapies. 

Current research links thermal bathing with a long list of health benefits that include relief from chronic pain, depression and insomnia, reduced inflammation, improved cardiovascular health and lowering of stress hormones. 

At Aurora Spa & Bathhouse in Sorrento you can enjoy a range of therapeutic experiences at varying temperatures to elevate your wellbeing in an immensely pleasurable way. 

Experience a Bathhouse Ritual

Ease into the refined luxury of our state-of-the-art Mornington Peninsula bath house. We’ve made it easy for you to reap the wellbeing rewards of hot and cold contrast therapy; simply follow our ten-step Bathing Ritual pathway, designed to bring you optimised results. The Bathing Ritual follows a cycle of hot-cold-relax to encourage blood flow and help your body flush toxins, release feel-good endorphins, relieve aches and pains, improve immune system function and boost your energy and mood. 

You’re also welcome to let your curiosity lead the way, discovering your own path to vibrant wellbeing.

Either way, your bathhouse session will help to wash away stress and induce deeply restorative relaxation. Locker, towel, botanical salt scrub and take-home exfoliating mitt are included in your Sorrento bathhouse experience.

For a completely different type of bathing experience you can also book a session in our ocean float room. Here, you will experience total body freedom and profound peace in the serene silence of your own private float room, where you will float weightlessly in highly concentrated,  magnesium-rich Epsom salt water.

With the water and room temperatures precisely attuned to your natural body temperature, the float room allows you to rest undisturbed in blissful comfort as your body and mind shifts into healing mode.

If you’d like to learn more about our bath house in Sorrento, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team. 

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