Reveal your inner radiance with a spa facial, using the botanically active ASPAR skincare line. Or opt for the pinnacle of French skincare with a Biologique Recherche skin health facial, a luxurious experience that delivers visibly transformative results. 

Aspar Skin Care

Botanical Spa Facial

1hr $205

The perfect foundation facial to hydrate and nourish all skin types, using botanically active products from the ASPAR range with native ingredients like Kakadu plum and wattleseed extract for brightening and refining. The facial includes a double cleanse, botanically active exfoliation, a treatment mask and an acupressure facial massage. The massage includes jade rollers to reduce puffiness, lift, tone, and restore healthy circulation for a luminous glow.

Holistic Facial Therapy

1.5hr $280

A complete wellbeing experience, this facial begins with a back, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and encourage total relaxation. What follows is a blend of customised botanically active products to deep cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and revitalise your skin. Special facial acupressure techniques and Kansa wands, the ancient Ayurvedic beauty tool for balancing pH and promoting lymphatic drainage, are used to reduce puffiness, lift, tone and boost circulation for visibly improved skin. Citrine, rose quartz and blue quartz crystals are placed to create a shift on the subtle energetic level for an energising, healing and balancing effect. Experience dramatic results with a smoother and more contoured appearance and relaxed, radiant glow.

Biologique Recherche

Skin Instant Lab

.5hr $90

The Skin Instant Lab diagnosis machine uses state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to measure hydration, barrier function, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum output. With this in-depth analysis, your skin specialist will identify your Skin Instant© and make customised recommendations for treatment and home care. Able to monitor changes over time, Skin Instant Lab provides the ability for dynamic recommendations that lead to progressive skin transformation.

Bespoke Skin Health Facial

1.25hr $330

Experience truly dramatic results with precision customisation, courtesy of the Skin Instant Lab diagnostic tool. After a thorough analysis, your skin specialist will prescribe a selection of clinical-strength highly active products to nourish, repair and heal your skin. Your bespoke Biologique Recherche facial includes a draining and lifting facial massage, exfoliation, personalised booster and mask, and finishes with personalised serum and cremes. With the Remodelling Face machine, ingredients are infused deep into the skin and settings are adjusted to deliver tailored results. After just one treatment, you’ll understand why the world has fallen in love with Biologique Recherche’s transformative skin care.

Bio Lift Facial

1.75hr $405

We begin with Skin Instant Lab diagnosis to customise the product selection. This facial includes all of the steps featured in the Bespoke Skin Health Facial, with an emphasis on products and techniques to tone and lift muscles and plump the skin. The Remodelling Face machine’s lifting module uses a combination of currents to assist ingredient penetration for cellular renewal and tone and lift the facial muscles with electro stimulation. The result is lifted, redefined contours and plump, glowing skin.

Triple Lift Facial

2.25hr $490

The ultimate bespoke luxury facial for age-defying skin revitalisation and rejuvenation. This revolutionary treatment takes the Bespoke Skin Health Facial to the next level, efficiently targeting loss of elasticity with triple action force to re-define facial contours, including the neck and jowl areas. At the same time, we will employ a personalised selection of boosters, serums, co-factors, masks and cremes to promote cellular renewal and repair for glowing, healthy and luminous skin. You will be amazed by the natural face lift effect of this stellar treatment.

Visit Aurora Spa & Bathhouse for an Invigorating Facial in Mornington Peninsula

Step away from your hectic everyday life and enter a world of serenity and rejuvenation. Aurora Spa & Bathhouse offers treatments to heal, relax, and refresh your mind and body.

Discover the best facials in Mornington Peninsula. We also offer professional massage and spa treatments at our bathhouse and spa retreat.

Whether you want a massage, couples, or spa treatment, we have you covered. You can also plan a day around our bathhouse services, which include various cleansing and healing treatments in our European-style mineral pools.

Schedule a facial or massage at our spa and massage clinic in Mornington Peninsula. Book today.

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Why Visit a Day Spa?

Our team includes skilled professionals trained in the latest massage techniques and experts well-versed in facial massage therapy.

Our treatments can promote the health of your skin, potentially limiting some signs of aging. A facial massage may smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in clearer, younger-looking skin. Bathhouse treatments can promote better blood circulation and hydration, among other benefits.

Booking massage sessions with a facial massage expert or a bathhouse ritual can reduce stress and boost your overall health and well-being.

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What Makes Aurora Spa & Bathhouse the Top Bathhouse in Mornington Peninsula?

For those wanting premium bathhouse spa experiences, no other bathhouse in Mornington Peninsula will do. You can rely on our bathhouse wellness spa for luxurious facials and other spa treatments

Aurora Spa & Bathhouse provides the region’s best bath and spa packages. Our spa treatments and retreats include access to:

  • Facials
  • Massage
  • Body treatments
  • Bathhouse rituals

With Aurora’s 11-step bathhouse ritual, you can explore the whole bathhouse experience. Our bathhouse includes mineral pools to help relieve aches and pains and relax your muscles and mind.

Other options at our bathhouse spa clinic include spa treatments, massages, facials, and a spa together package for couples. Visit our “What’s On” page to view upcoming events and promotional offers. Gift cards are also available for purchase.

Book a trip to our bathhouse and day spa today.

Facial Booking

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Bathe & Spa Packages

Elevate your experience at Aurora by pairing a spa treatment with a luxurious 1.5-hour Bathhouse Ritual.

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