Bathhouse Mornington Peninsula

Aurora’s 11-Step Bathhouse Ritual

Aurora presents a relaxed Australian take on European-style bathing with mineral pools and thermal experiences in a welcoming and stunningly designed subterranean space.

Your entry includes everything you need for a smooth bathing experience; towel, slides and locker, hydration stations and access to beautifully appointed change rooms stocked with Aspar body and hair care and fitted out with vanity areas, hair dryers and water extractors for your swimwear.

Our team is on hand to guide you as you embark on your immersive 90-minute journey through several magnesium mineral pools and hot and cold thermal suite experiences. Follow a path that takes you through cycles of hot-cold-rest-repeat for the powerfully regenerative effects of contrast therapy. Or simply go with your own flow for a leisurely paced unwind session. The choice is yours, and you simply can’t go wrong. 

Aurora Cleansing Ritual

Cleansing Ritual

The Cleansing Ritual is the essential first step in your bathing journey. Enjoy aromatic exfoliation by blending our Aurora salts with the Revitalising Body Cleanser. As you apply this invigorating scrub to wet skin, indulge in a soothing massage directed towards your heart, promoting improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Rinse thoroughly before embarking on your bathhouse experience.

Daydream Pool

Embark on a journey of meditative bliss in our mineral-rich, sky-lit Daydream Pool at Aurora Spa. Enjoy a languid dip in gently bubbling water heated to 38 degrees Celsius. Allow the warmth to relieve tired and aching muscles, while your mind drifts into deep relaxation.

the Daydream pool at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse Mornington Peninsula
woman sitting in the steam room at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse

Aroma Steam

Experience the healing power of our Aroma Steam room at Aurora Spa. With a temperature of around 65 degrees Celsius, this hot and humid environment not only reduces muscular and joint pain but can also provide relief for rheumatism and arthritis. Aroma steam is also known to clear congestion, improve skin health, relieve stress, and aid workout recovery. Enhance detoxification, immunity, and circulation by combining it with one of our cold experiences.

Cold Plunge Pool

Revitalise your body with an invigorating plunge into our Cold Plunge Pool at Aurora Spa. Submerge in 8-12 degree water to stimulate the immune system, boost circulation, relieve muscle and joint pain and release feel-good endorphins. When combined with a heat experience, the contrast therapy brings immense therapeutic benefits, leaving you refreshed and energised.

the cold plunge pool at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse

Centella Thermal Lounge

Indulge in relaxation between experiences at Aurora Spa’s Centella Thermal Lounges. Adorned with a captivating art installation depicting the local species of Centella, known as the herb of longevity, our ergonomically shaped lounges are warmed by radiant heat, easing your muscles into deep relaxation.

Reflexology Pool

The skin-softening mineral rich waters of our magnesium salt pool, choose to recline or rest seated while massaging your feet on the reflexology stones lining the pool bottom.

the Daydream pool at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse Mornington Peninsula
Hands holding ice in the glacial mist room at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse

Glacial Mist Room

Embrace the icy chill and alpine winds of our Glacial Mist room at Aurora Spa. Complement your heat experiences with this cold therapy inspired by the Finnish tradition of rolling in the snow after a sauna. The alpine temperature provides a refined bathhouse experience, training your mind to cope with stress through controlled breathing.


Take a deep breath break in our salt therapy room at Aurora Spa and let the calm envelop you. Experience the microclimate of a salt cave, which is beneficial for respiratory conditions, skin conditions, immunity boost, stress reduction, anxiety relief, and overall wellbeing.

Relaxed woman sitting in the halotherapy (salt therapy) room at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse
Man and women beneath the fountain in the Vitality Pool at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse

Vitality Pool

Immerse yourself in the revitalising waters of our expansive and mineral-rich Vitality Pool at Aurora Spa. With a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, the bubbling water, swan-neck fountains, and targeted water jets effectively detoxify your skin, relieve tired and aching muscles, and increase circulation.

Nordic Sauna

Find tranquillity in our timber-lined expansive sauna at Aurora Spa. Experience the dry heat ranging from 65 to 90 degrees Celsius. Besides reducing blood pressure and improving heart health, our sauna helps flush toxins, aids workout recovery, relieves stress, and even helps burn calories. For remarkable results, follow your sauna time with a cold experience, boosting your immune system.

Three people in the Nordic Sauna at Aurora Spa and Bathhouse
Woman standing underneath one of the sensory showers at Aurora Spa & Bathhouse

Sensory Showers

Enliven the senses through aroma and contrasting temperatures in our Sensory Showers at Aurora Spa. Customise your own journey or indulge in a 3-minute pre-set program including colour therapy, rain shower, four-pronged massage and a final bucket dump. This is the ultimate ending to heighten every sense at the completion of your bathhouse ritual.

Bathe & Spa Packages

Elevate your experience at Aurora by pairing a spa treatment with a luxurious 1.5hr Bathhouse Ritual.

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