Nothing can amplify the feel-good factor quite like a quality massage, and our collection of massages are crafted from years of expertise, delivered in stylishly serene suites and performed by skilled therapists with genuine care and healing intention. As a pick-me-up, a wind-me-down or simply the ultimate self-care treat, an Aurora massage is hard to beat.

Soothing Bliss Massage

1hr $205 | 1.5hr $280

Our most popular massage, for good reason. Informed by over 24 years of hands-on expertise, this treatment brings you physical, mental and emotional therapy in one exquisite massage experience. Combining long, sweeping strokes with a mix of firm and gentle pressure to assist lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, relieve stress, ease tension, soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. Choose your preferred massage oil blend, let your therapist know where you need extra attention, and then surrender to bliss.

Aurora Prenatal Massage

1hr $205

A nurturing massage created for expectant mothers, and their precious cargo, in the second and third trimester. Using safe and effective techniques to improve circulation, ease muscle discomfort, calm the nervous system and promote peaceful sleep, this soothing and relaxing massage uses support pillows and is adjusted with gentle precision to match your stage of pregnancy.

Bespoke Massage

1.5hr $290

A customised massage, where your therapist will craft a massage experience to match your personal preferences. A massage devotee’s dream, it allows you to direct your therapist’s skills so that the focus lands exactly where you feel the most need. Tension is dissolved beneath warm oils and adept hands, as you drift into deep relaxation. A warming Rosemary & Clove Thermal Balm can be used to ease particularly tight spots.

Himalayan Sound & Stone Massage

1.5hr $290

This unique treatment uses three elements of percussion sound and warm Himalayan pink salt stones to bring next level results to your massage experience, including intense skin nourishment from 84 natural minerals. Employing specific techniques to stimulate the body’s meridian lines, the treatment aims to balance the entire system and help unblock areas of congestion. By restoring balance to the meridian pathways, we help to promote maximum vitality and enhance the body’s natural healing ability. You can expect deep relaxation and a feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing.

Precision Power Percussion Massage

1hr $205

Using a clinical electromechanical percussive massage machine, this treatment uses deep and targeted manipulation of the muscles and soft tissue to bring you tangible results. The unique and patented Directional- Stroking® technology – medically designed to mimic the action of a therapist’s hands, with an intensity impossible to achieve manually – helps to remove lactic acid from sore muscles, eases tightness and enhances local and general circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids for peak healing. Both powerful and soothing, this treatment is used by professional athletes to achieve maximum results in minimum time.

Deep Tissue Recovery Massage

1hr $210 | 1.5h $285

An ideal choice to support workout recovery, relieve fatigue and ease stress-related tension. Particularly tense areas find relief from the penetrating warmth of our rosemary and clove muscle balm. Treatment results are enhanced with an opening session of percussive massage using clinical physiotherapy equipment to target the deepest layer of fatigued, tight muscles. Taking a targeted approach for optimal relief, we focus on the back of the body, head, neck and shoulders where tension tends to accumulate.

Massage Booking

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Choose your favourite from our selection of results-focused massages, or ask one of our team to help you find one that best meets your goals. Every massage begins with a grounding mindfulness practice and warm foot compress to pave the way for peak results.

Alternatively, call us on (03) 5935 1222 to book in with one of our wellness hosts.

Bathe & Spa Packages

Elevate your experience at Aurora by pairing a spa treatment with a luxurious 1.5hr Bathhouse Ritual.

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