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Couples Massage in Sorrento – an uplifting bonding experience for all couples

AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE is the perfect retreat for couples of all stripes – romantic partners, mothers and daughters, babymooners, honeymooners, friends and lovers – looking to enjoy the feeling of wellbeing with a massage or spa treatment.  

A couples massage is a great way to spend quality time together. It offers an enjoyable shared experience with the advantage of individual personalisation, since you can each choose your preferred massage style or treatment. Before the treatment begins, your massage therapist will discuss your needs and preferences so you can each enjoy a customised experience.  Ease tight muscles, relax your body and calm your mind while you enjoy some of the best massage treatments on the Mornington Peninsula.

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Professional Massage Therapists

Our skilled massage therapists excel in a number of different massage styles. You can experience a soothing and relaxing massage, a deep tissue massage for intense relief, a bespoke massage or one of our specialty massages like Precision Power Percussion Massage or Himalayan Sound and Stone Massage. If you’re looking for a babymoon break, we also offer prenatal massage.

Whatever your specific needs, you’ll work with a skilled masseuse who will help you feel comfortable, apply the perfect pressure, and allow you to enjoy a great experience with your partner.

Working with an experienced therapist is the best way to help you relax together, feel closer and enjoy a uplifting shared experience.

Best Massage for Deep Relaxation

Everyday life can take its toll on couples and it can be challenging to keep the spark alive. At Aurora, we excel in helping couples rekindle that special connection – in a uniquely calm, relaxed and beautiful setting.

If you’re experiencing stress, tension or lingering pain in your back, neck or legs, you’ll be sure to benefit from our massage services. Treat yourself and your partner to a refreshing array of therapies and return home with a sense of relaxation and calm.

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of the Peninsula from the restful confines of our stunning space. Enjoy intimate moments together and the opportunity to de-stress and reconnect.

Enjoy Your Wellness Journey Together

Aurora is an amazing experience to enjoy with your partner. Our stunning space is architecturally designed to inspire feelings of deep rest and complete relaxation.

We offer an array of therapies inspired by the rejuvenating landscape of our Mornington Peninsula home. We draw influence from this stunning location and deliver an array of rejuvenating therapies in a warm, healing and immersive environment. 

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Discover the Perfect Spa Treatments

A couples massage is just one of many lovely treatments you can expect to enjoy at AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE.

Whether you’re dreaming of a couples massage, facial, body therapy or holistic spa ritual, you’ll find everything you desire at Aurora.

Explore our treatments and contact us to book your massage appointment. Our friendly staff looks forward to meeting you, providing a great massage, and having you leave us feeling wonderful.

If you’re aiming to feel fresh, revitalised and ready to take on the world together, then make an appointment with Aurora today. 

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Couples Massage - Mornington Peninsula - FAQs

What are the Benefits of a Couples Massage?

There are so many benefits to a couples massage – both for your mind, body and relationship. During your massage, you can expect to enjoy increased circulation, more flexibility and a greater sense of relaxation.

Enjoying this experience with your partner will bring you closer together and provide you with a magical experience you’ll treasure. There’s no better way to relax your mind and body than a visit to AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE on the stunning Mornington Peninsula.

When you work with a professional therapist, you’ll receive decades of expertise and the knowledge of a skilled professional.

The Aurora team is proud to offer some of the best massages on the Mornington Peninsula – provided in a stunning location.

How Does Massage Heal the Body?

Massage has a hugely beneficial and immediately noticeable effect on the body. Our team uses an array of techniques that work to increase blood flow and circulation – relaxing the muscle and soft tissue.

This releases nerves and deeper connective tissue, resulting in a feeling of rest, relaxation and serenity. In the following days, many people report feeling increased energy levels and a great sense of calmness and wellbeing.

Regularly visiting AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE, enjoying the stunning surroundings of the Mornington Peninsula, and booking a massage with our friendly team is the perfect way to minimise day-to-day stress and look and feel your very best.

What Kinds of Massage is Best for Couples?

Deep relaxation massage can bring couples closer together while they enjoy each other’s company. When you join us at AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE, you’ll partner with a professional massage therapist who will discuss your needs and choose the perfect treatment for you both.

Whether you choose a remedial massage, relaxing massage or simply a way to alleviate tight muscles and daily tension, you’ll both find the answer at Aurora.

For a magical experience that helps you regain balance and composure in daily life – massage therapy with the one you love is a perfect choice.

To learn more about which couple massage is right for you, find out more about our Mornington Peninsula spa, and explore other treatments, including a facial, sauna or float tank, simply contact our team today.