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Day Spa - Mornington Peninsula

Retreat into an immersive sensory wellness experience at AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE, at The Continental Sorrento.

Merging our twenty-four years of wellbeing expertise with the latest in evidence-based wellness, the next-level Aurora experience offers you a complete regenerative wellness destination.

Aurora is about idyllic experiences and transformative results. Come to Aurora to enjoy evidence-based remedies, therapeutic and relaxing massages, Biologique Recherche skin health facials, body rituals, spa retreat packages, wellness coaching as well as private mindfulness and meditation training. 

Come to Aurora and take the time…to pause, replenish, thrive. 

“I have been going to the Mornington Peninsula for many years to switch off and refuel. Now we can create the full immersion experience, where we can refuel every cell in your body so you can feel that deep, impactful sense of renewal and energy.”  

Lyndall Mitchell


AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE is your seaside retreat with therapeutic experiences that aim to deliver deeply restorative and high-impact wellness outcomes.

Within a dramatic backdrop of contemporary design that transports you from the everyday to the extraordinary, you will find evidence-based remedies, ancient bathing traditions with a modern twist, meaningful spa rituals, the powerfully regenerative benefits of hot and cold contrast therapy and a team that knows how to help you achieve peak wellness.

Visit our unique Mornington Peninsula day spa to restore balance and enjoy deep relaxation. Replenish with tailored therapeutic experiences that align with your needs and refuel your entire being. Start with effortless relaxation in our thermal bathhouse and then step into the day spa where you can enjoy massages, holistic therapies, transformative skin treatments, day spa packages or the healing calm of our ocean float room.

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Aurora is a soothing space where wellness know-how, wholehearted care and inspired design come together to offer you physical, mental and emotional nourishment. Our approach considers your entire being, with therapeutic experiences tailored to your needs for the most impactful results. 

In the serene environment of AURORA SPA & BATHHOUSE, your worries and stress gently fade as you experience a welcome sense of deep relaxation. Our team delivers an exceptional level of care that comes from years of experience and an authentic desire to support your wellbeing. Our commitment to healing and wellbeing makes Aurora the leading Mornington Peninsula day spa.

From thermal bathing to holistic spa therapies and skin health treatments, Aurora delivers exceptional wellness remedies. Treat yourself to the healing treatments you deserve, at one of the most unique and indulgent spas on the Mornington Peninsula.

Find your tailored remedy to counterbalance the depleting effects of our evermore demanding lifestyles so you can live with greater connection, capacity and vitality.


Botanically active skincare created by the award-winning Aurora Spa. Est 1997. Official skincare partner of QANTAS.

ASPAR is a range of botanically active skincare products, created by the award-winning Aurora Spa, and is the official skincare partner of QANTAS.

ASPAR skincare is infused with natural botanicals that deliver deep relaxation and nourishment. If you’re searching for a beauty treatment inspired by the essence of Australia – then these all-natural treatments are the perfect choice.

Or, if you’re searching for a way to enjoy a spa treatment from the comfort of home, then ASPAR has created the outstanding selection of skincare you need.

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