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For thousands of years, cultures around the globe have taken to the waters for cleansing, relaxation and mindful connection. The ancients, we suppose, embraced bathing because it felt good. Current research shows they were on to something, with a long list of proven health benefits that include relief from chronic pain, depression and insomnia, reduced inflammation, improved cardiovascular health and lowering of stress hormones.  Aurora Bathhouse offers a range of therapeutic thermal experiences and magnesium mineral bathing at varying temperatures to elevate your wellbeing in an immensely enjoyable way.  



body treatments

Our body therapies are designed for impactful results, using a customised mix of botanically active lotions, serums, elixirs, muds, clays, polishes and therapeutic oils paired with sophisticated techniques to detoxify, tone, tighten, lift, refine and revitalise your skin.

We have treatments that use our own ASPAR products, formulated to bring you nature in a bottle with botanically active extracts, and exclusive French skin care from Biologique Recherche that feature specialised techniques developed by physiotherapists for dramatic results.

For an extended wellbeing experience, add on our Aurora Bathhouse Ritual or a treatment Enhancer.


Detoxify, revitalise, refine.
Combining potent botanicals and minerals with therapeutic techniques to detoxify, tone and revitalise your skin, this treatment begins with grapefruit salt exfoliant to sweep away dull, flaky skin cells. Your perfectly primed skin is then masked with a lemon myrtle green clay, containing organic Australian bentonite to draw out toxins, calm inflammation and regenerate your skin with healing minerals. The clay is left to activate, while you drift away with a scalp massage. The treatment concludes with an electro-mechanical lymphatic drainage massage, a gold-standard clinical tool to boost circulation, improve skin contour and enhance detoxification. Emerge with rejuvenated skin and a lightened mind.


Smooth, hydrated skin.
Your path to smooth, healthy skin begins with dual-action body exfoliation, using a wattleseed and walnut scrub that combines manual and enzymatic exfoliation to dissolve dead skin, encourage cell renewal and boost skin radiance. After removing the body scrub, your freshly buffed skin is primed to absorb nourishment. So, close your eyes and settle in as we apply a blend of essential oil infused body oil and rich body cream for intense hydration and skin nutrition. The end result is soft, smooth, radiant skin, and the sweet feeling of complete relaxation.


Prenatal relief and rejuvenation.
A nourishing and soothing treatment to relieve prenatal tension, support healthy circulation and revitalise your skin. We start with a tension-easing scalp massage and a belly sheet-mask drenched in hyaluronic acid and sea plant extracts to deliver hydration and sustained skin protection. Next, a skin revival body exfoliation combining manual and enzymatic exfoliation with aloe and vitamin E to soothe and hydrate. Now, settle in for a soothing full body massage using pregnancy-safe plant oils, nourishing body cream and tailored techniques to relieve tension and discomfort, boost circulation and calm the nervous system.



Tighten, tone and lift.
Tone, tighten and firm your skin with advanced French techniques and a magical melange of active ingredients. We first prepare the skin with an enzymatic exfoliation using the coveted Gommage P50 Lotion. A second exfoliation follows, using a mechanical scrub with a customised mix of active products applied with Biologique Recherche’s signature Bio-Reflex massage. This unique massage incorporates kneading and vigorous lifting techniques that target fascia, muscles and ligaments to dramatically increase circulation, redefine contours and relax surface skin. After showering, your skin will be treated to the intense nutrition of customised serums on targeted areas and a full body application of hydrating lotion. The combination of potent botanicals and specialised lifting techniques helps to restore skin vitality for a visibly firmer and lifted look and satin-soft feel.   With this energising treatment, you can also expect to find the uplift effect at play in your revitalised mood.


Firm, tone and slim.
A powerful cocktail of Biologique Recherche products and techniques to detoxify the epidermis, firm and tone the skin, eliminate impurities and alleviate water retention for a slimming and contouring effect. Opening with a full body fruit acid exfoliation, using the acclaimed Gommage P50 Lotion to stimulate cell renewal, we then move on to a customised body wrap. Cocooned in a heated blanket and covered in the algae gel, the combination of heat and energising, concentrated active marine ingredients band together to promote detoxification, reduce ‘orange peel’ effect and improve micro-circulation. Since our legs are prone to fatigue and water retention, we place emphasis here with a unique leg bandaging technique to drain fluids and bring lightness to the legs. An application of personalised serums and creams, and your treatment is beyond complete.



Proven to benefit the circulatory, immune, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, massage is an immensely enjoyable addition to any wellness routine. Choose your favourite from our selection of results-focused massages, or ask one of our team to help you find one that best meets your goals. Every massage begins with a grounding mindfulness practice and warm foot compress to pave the way for peak results.

Baby bump bliss.
A nurturing massage created for expectant mothers, and their precious cargo, in the second and third trimester. Using safe and effective techniques to improve circulation, ease muscle discomfort, calm the nervous system and promote peaceful sleep, this soothing and relaxing massage uses support pillows and is adjusted with gentle precision to match your stage of pregnancy.


Your perfect massage match.
A customised massage, where your therapist will craft a massage experience to match your personal preferences. A massage devotee’s dream, it allows you to direct your therapist’s skills so that the focus lands exactly where you feel the most need. Tension is dissolved beneath warm oils and adept hands, as you drift into deep relaxation. A warming Rosemary & Clove Thermal Balm can be used to ease particularly tight spots.


Intense release bodywork.
An intensely therapeutic massage that focusses on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues to relieve strains, sports injuries and chronic musculoskeletal issues. Sustained pressure, deep strokes, kneading and friction techniques help to reduce tension in the muscle fibres and encourage healing by delivering vital oxygen and nutrition to the tissues. Particularly tense areas find relief from the penetrating warmth of our rosemary and clove muscle balm. Treatment results are enhanced with an opening session of percussive massage using clinical physiotherapy equipment to target the deepest layer of fatigued, tight muscles. With relief from physical pain, tightness and tension, your mind will also be free to unwind.


Balancing and restorative.
This unique treatment uses three elements of percussion sound and warm Himalayan pink salt stones to bring next level results to your massage experience, including intense skin nourishment from 84 natural minerals. Employing specific techniques to stimulate the body’s meridian lines, the treatment aims to balance the entire system and help unblock areas of congestion. By restoring balance to the meridian pathways, we help to promote maximum vitality and enhance the body’s natural healing ability. You can expect deep relaxation and a feeling of emotional and physical wellbeing.


Targeted and deep relief.
Using a clinical electromechanical percussive massage machine, this treatment uses deep and targeted manipulation of the muscles and soft tissue to bring you tangible results. The unique and patented Directional- Stroking® technology – medically designed to mimic the action of a therapist’s hands, with an intensity impossible to achieve manually – helps to remove lactic acid from sore muscles, eases tightness and enhances local and general circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids for peak healing. Both powerful and soothing, this treatment is used by professional athletes to achieve maximum results in minimum time.


Complete body and mind bliss.
Our most popular massage, for good reason. Informed by over 24 years of hands-on expertise, this treatment brings you physical, mental and emotional therapy in one exquisite massage experience. Combining long, sweeping strokes with a mix of firm and gentle pressure to assist lymphatic drainage, improve circulation, relieve stress, ease tension, soothe the nervous system and calm the mind. Choose your preferred massage oil blend, let your therapist know where you need extra attention, and then surrender to bliss.


spa facials

Rejuvenate your skin and reveal your inner radiance with our Spa Facials, using natural nourishment from the botanically active ASPAR skin care line.

Radiant beauty.
The perfect foundation facial to hydrate and nourish all skin types, using botanically active products from the ASPAR range with native ingredients like Kakadu plum and wattleseed extract for brightening and refining. The facial includes a double cleanse, botanically active exfoliation, a treatment mask and an acupressure facial massage. The massage includes jade rollers to reduce puffiness, lift, tone, and restore healthy circulation for a luminous glow.


Deluxe skin rejuvenation.
A complete wellbeing experience, this facial begins with a back, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and encourage total relaxation. What follows is a blend of customised botanically active products to deep cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and revitalise your skin. Special facial acupressure techniques and Kansa wands, the ancient Ayurvedic beauty tool for balancing pH and promoting lymphatic drainage, are used to reduce puffiness, lift, tone and boost circulation for visibly improved skin. Citrine, rose quartz and blue quartz crystals are placed to create a shift on the subtle energetic level for an energising, healing and balancing effect. Experience dramatic results with a smoother and more contoured appearance and relaxed, radiant glow.


skin health medi-facials

Our medi-facials are clinical-strength, holistic facial treatments using products and techniques prescribed by a skin specialist for visibly transformative results. Every Biologique Recherche medi-facial is completely customised to target multiple concerns in one luxurious experience.

Adored by beauty editors and celebrity facialists around the world, Biologique Recherche medi-facials use raw, cold-formulated active ingredients in high concentration with French draining and lifting massage techniques and the physiotherapist-designed Remodelling Face machine to lift, tone, sculpt, oxygenate and increase penetration of active ingredients. The results; clearer, calmer more luminous skin.

Diagnostics for precision skin care.
The Skin Instant Lab diagnosis machine uses state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to measure hydration, barrier function, elasticity, pigmentation and sebum output. With this in-depth analysis, you skin specialist will identify your Skin Instant© and make customised recommendations for treatment and home care. Able to monitor changes over time, Skin Instant Lab provides the ability for dynamic recommendations that lead to progressive skin transformation.


Customised skin nutrition.
Experience truly dramatic results with precision customisation, courtesy of the Skin Instant Lab diagnostic tool. After a thorough analysis, your skin specialist will prescribe a selection of clinical-strength highly active products to nourish, repair and heal your skin. Your bespoke Biologique Recherche facial includes a draining and lifting facial massage, exfoliation, personalised booster and mask, and finishes with personalised serum and cremes. With the Remodelling Face machine, ingredients are infused deep into the skin and settings are adjusted to deliver tailored results. After just one treatment, you’ll understand why the world has fallen in love with Biologique Recherche’s transformative skin care.


Lift, firm and rejuvenate.
We begin with Skin Instant Lab diagnosis to customise the product selection. This facial includes all of the steps featured in the Bespoke Skin Health Facial, with an emphasis on products and techniques to tone and lift muscles and plump the skin. The Remodelling Face machine’s lifting module uses a combination of currents to assist ingredient penetration for cellular renewal and tone and lift the facial muscles with electro stimulation. The result is lifted, redefined contours and plump, glowing skin.


Age-defying revitalisation and lifting.
The ultimate bespoke luxury facial for age-defying skin revitalisation and rejuvenation. This revolutionary treatment takes the Bespoke Skin Health Facial to the next level, efficiently targeting loss of elasticity with triple action force to re-define facial contours, including the neck and jowl areas. At the same time, we will employ a personalised selection of boosters, serums, co-factors, masks and cremes to promote cellular renewal and repair for glowing, healthy and luminous skin. You will be amazed by the natural face lift effect of this stellar treatment.



Take your spa experience to new heights by adding one of our 30-minute treatments to your massage or body treatment. A little extra can go a long way towards your feeling of wellbeing.

Deep rest, serene healing.
Experience total body freedom and profound peace in the serene silence of our private float room, where you will float weightlessly in highly concentrated, magnesium-rich Epsom salt water. With the water and room temperatures precisely attuned to your natural body temperature, the float room allows you to rest undisturbed in blissful comfort. With a body of research showing it can alleviate pain, improve sleep quality, relieve psychological stress, increase joint mobility and boost creativity, float therapy is a wondrously restorative way to shift body and mind into healing mode.

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Aurora is your remedy; a soothing space where gifted hands, caring hearts, wellness know-how and inspired design come together to offer you physical, mental and emotional nourishment. While indulgence is on the menu, our goal goes deeper. We aim to counterbalance the depleting effects of modern living – stress, pressure, burnout – so you can live with greater connection, capacity and vitality.

Drawing on our twenty-plus years of wellbeing expertise, the Aurora Spa treatment menu ensures your time is well spent and impactful. Choose from therapeutic massages, transformative skin treatments, body rituals, wellness coaching, meditation and mindfulness training and the deep, restorative calm of our ocean float room.

Come for an hour or an immersive wellbeing day.


Group Retreat
4, 5 and 6th of August 2024

An immersive retreat experience where you can disengage from the everyday and restore your energy and vitality

Kamalaya Day Retreat – 15th of March 2024.
Join us for an exclusive day retreat at Aurora Spa and Bathhouse, featuring the esteemed Karina Stewart from Kamalaya.

Dive into the secrets of longevity as we explore regeneration, healthy aging, functional medicine, and preventive health. Stay tuned for more details on this transformative experience to rejuvenate your well-being.

When: March 15th, 9:30 AM – 4 PM

Cost: $345

Private Day Retreat
Fast-forward your wellness goals with a fully customised “rapid retreat” to fit your schedule, objectives and current state of wellbeing.